85% of CEOs say that diverse teams are more profitable…

…and yet most companies still struggle with recruiting for D&I.
We put together some proven strategies for recruiting more diverse candidates – and a solution if you need more help.

#1  Put Your Best Foot Forward With Employer Branding

Take a good look at your website, job postings, and recruitment marketing efforts. Do they reflect a company committed to D&I? Use photos and copy to make sure your messaging showcases the diversity of your org and the steps you’re taking to create an inclusive, diverse workplace. 

#2  Think Outside the Box for Sourcing Methods

If you want to source different candidates, you need to use different sourcing methods. Every recruiter with an internet connection is scouring LinkedIn and job boards for diverse candidates. Use other social media platforms, join talent groups online, attend virtual career fairs for minority groups and so forth. If you want to recruit people different than your current team, then you have to source from new, more diverse pools.  

#3  Track Your Progress Towards a Realistic Goal

One of the biggest mistakes companies make with D&I recruiting efforts is trying to recruit for diversity that is simply not feasible in their industry, vertical or region. This sets you up for failure before you even begin and can lead to lost buy-in from management when you fall short. Research your industry, area and competitors before setting a goal. 

#4  Partner with Professional Associations and Student Groups Centering Diversity

Partnering with universities or student groups is a common pipelining strategy, especially in technical fields like engineering. If you’re struggling to find diverse talent, it’s worth looking into associations or groups focused on diversity in your industry. At the very least, it’s an opportunity to network! 

#5  Foster a Diverse Culture with Tangible Policies

It’s all well and good to announce your commitment to diversity, but it carries more weight if you back it up with action. If you can afford it, consider philanthropic efforts focused on diversity. But on the other hand, you can foster diversity at your organization with policies like offering days off for different religious holidays, D&I training, competitive parental leave, and so forth.  

Still Need Extra Help? 

We know recruiting for D&I can be expensive and difficult. If you’d like to get a boost by getting verified information, emails and direct dials for diverse candidates relevant to YOUR roles, fill out the form now and find out how we can do that for your team. 

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