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You can’t afford the usual guesswork on employee engagement.

It’s time for you to unlock the power of data. In this 35-minute demo, you’ll get a firsthand look at how our talent optimization platform from the Predictive Index allows you to better understand your teams, make better hires and unlock record engagement.

  • Learn how PI helps you understand what drives your people…
  • Pinpoint the REAL reasons why your teams are disengaged…
  • And build a data-driven people strategy for profits and results!
  • Senior HR Leaders
  • Business Leaders
  • TA Leaders

“PI has helped us become the company that we are. We wouldn’t be achieving the recognition and seeing the growth we’ve had without it.”

Ted Adler, President of Union Street Media

Steve Lowisz

CEO & Founder of Qualigence International


Steve Lowisz is best-known as the CEO and founder of Qualigence International, a talent acquisition and optimization company. With over 20 years of practical leadership experience, Steve is ready to give you actionable advice for unlocking the full potential of your leadership and teams. 
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