May 26th, 2021 at 11AM EST

Stopping the Turnover Timebomb

You lose money every day to turnover. When key people on your team quit, you fall further behind in achieving your performance objectives, resulting in lower profits.
The bad news is that as the economy rebounds, turnover WILL get worse. The good news is that as a LEADER, you can take action TODAY to flip the script.
Key Takeaways
  • Learn how to identify the REAL cause of your turnover
  • Understand the 5 keys steps you can take today to retain your top performers
  • Discover the 5 levels of leadership and develop a personal strategy to elevate through each level
  • Understand how the best leaders inspire remote teams to stay with you for the long haul

“All of these points are based on my REAL-LIFE leadership experience at Qualigence. No BS from so-called leadership gurus here.

To retain your best people, you need to be LEADING your teams…NOT just managing processes. 

You need to truly understand your team, be self-aware, and serve those around you. 

You need to serve your team by BUILDING them, not doing the work for them!”

– Steve Lowisz

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