Making a Greater Impact in HR – Together 

What Does Being an HR Executive Council Member Mean for You? 

The purpose is simple: HR leaders helping HR leaders succeed.

Why be a part of the HR Executive Council?

  • There are so many groups available that are designed for CEOs, but few for CHROs or similar leaders
  • Learn from your own private advisory council focused on your success
  • The HR Executive Council is like an HR think tank – a peer group of the most creative, inspired HR leaders coming together to share their knowledge and experiences.
  • Dramatically improve your capacity to lead.
  • The HR Executive Council is an environment where each person can bring their biggest challenges to receive peer advice based on actual experience. A community of HR executives helping HR executives succeed.
  • Increase your company’s performance.
  • Every gathering is designed with one idea in mind – taking action! The collective of HR leaders in each group puts their minds and experiences together to solve real problems and define specific steps to address these challenges.

How Do We Do This?

Convening at Quarterly Council Meetings

  • Each quarter, council members gather for a 3-5 hour session of open discussions and roundtables aimed at highlighting members’ experiences on the most urgent HR issues of the day – as well as what challenges and opportunities lie ahead.
  • The focus is to walk away with specific action steps that you can apply in your business now.
  • Curated by Qualigence CEO Steve Lowisz and based on the specific needs of the group, these gatherings give you an opportunity to socialize, brainstorm and build relationships with other council members and guests. Get inspired and share insights with your peers.
  • As a council member, you’ll have the opportunity to forge lasting bonds with other pioneering CHROs. Build friendships with the executives driving HR forward – and building the future of business.

Taking Part in Webinars and Virtual Visits 

Creating Lasting Relationships with Other HR Leaders 


Request an Invitation

An invite-only group for executive HR leaders to connect with their true peers, discuss solutions to our biggest challenges and run stronger businesses.

If you’d like to learn more about the Council, please contact Leah Nauseda at 734-476-4938. 

What to Expect at a Quarterly Meeting 

  • Meeting begins. Introductions and significant events. Members share both a personal and business-related significant event that has happened in the last 60 days. 
  • Facilitator presentation – agenda, adding new topics as necessary, etc. 
  • KPI review 
  • Speaker, presentation, or educational session as appropriate 
  • Executive session – discuss issues, challenges, opportunity processing and action steps 
  • Executive session – discuss issues, challenges, opportunity processing and action steps 
  • Wrap up – planning for next meeting 
  • Depending on time of day, breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner will be served 

So What Does It Take to Become a Member?

  • Not anyone can be a part of the HR Executive Council
  • Every member goes through a process that includes an application for membership and an interview with a member of the selection committee
  • Member needs to come from a company of 1000 employees or bigger
  • Member must come from a private or public company with legal board oversight 
  • Each new member is voted in by the selection committee
  • What will we look for:
    • Those that are lifelong learners – every member is committed to both their personal and professional growth
    • Those that are open and accountable – leave your ego at the door. Be willing to share your goals, challenges, and KPIs
    • Those who are committed to the success of others – committed to helping other members of the group address their challenges and opportunities
    • Those committed to the core values of the HR Executive Council

Unlike any other HR Leadership Organization, we are truly committed to the success of every member by maintaining a careful membership screening process, selecting only the very best group leaders, and cultivating outstanding member commitment.

Stay Connected

The Council meets in-person quarterly and stays connected in between sessions virtually.

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Values & Mission


The mission of HR Executive Council is to significantly improve the success and lives of HR Leaders and their companies. 


The HR Executive Council will be recognized as the most successful Executive HR Leadership peer group and mentoring organization in the region. We measure our success by the success of our members. 

Core Values


We care about every member. We understand the challenges they face because we have faced them ourselves, and we are as committed to their personal growth and success as we are to their business growth and success.


We treat everyone with respect. We are a diverse community of passionate HR leaders dedicated to creating and maintaining a welcoming, safe, and inclusive HR Executive Council to better improve the success and lives of the people and organizations we serve.


We maintain high ethical standards. Integrity and honesty are at the heart of the organization and are reflected in the trust-based relationships we build with our fellow members, our colleagues, and our partners.


We accept the fact that all information shared within the context of the HR Executive Council is confidential. Unless specifically agreed upon by our fellow members, what is discussed by the Council remains only within the Council.


We believe in the importance of lifelong learning and the sum of marginal gains. We are dedicated to the ongoing development of our own skills and knowledge in order to increase our capacity to grow the skills and knowledge of our fellow Members.


We value quality over quantity and grow our membership for the sole purpose of better serving our members. By strategically and selectively increasing our network, we increase our ability to help our fellow members succeed.

If you’d like to learn more about the Council, please contact Leah Nauseda, PR and Community Relations Manager at Qualigence at 734-476-4938. 

Founding Knowledge Partner

At Qualigence International, our mission is transform the industry by putting people at the center of every business and unlocking their best performance. Our services empower businesses to recruit the right people, engage top talent, and retain their best performers. We partner with HR leaders to design strategic solutions for common challenges like turnover, employee experience, performance, and cultural issues. We help you build stronger teams to build a stronger business.

Sponsorship opportunities available.

Please contact Leah Nauseda, PR and Community Relations Manager at Qualigence at 734-476-4938.